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Chimpanzee Tracking

In the morning you after your breakfast, you will go to the briefing point before you set off in the forest to track Chimpanzees. When tracking chimpanzees, you may come across other primates including phoestes, Red-Colobuses, Blues, Red-tailed and grey cheeked Mangabeys in the canopies of the dense forest and birds, butterflies and many small insects. The guides provide explanations about primates and other forest’s fauna and flora, ensuring that your walk is both informative and enjoyable. You can also come across other primates like different monkey species.


You can decide to go for chimp habituation and be part of the habituation team that goes to study the behavior of the Chimps in order to make them get used to human beings. Being part of the team that observe the way Chimps nest, feed, climb trees, react to human presence, caring for the young ones is unforgettable experience. This activity starts very early at 6:00am to 6:00pm. You spend the whole day in the forest observing Chimps.

We work with the Uganda Wildlife Authorities & Friend a Gorilla