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The home of Bonobos, Mountain and Lowland Gorillas, Nyiragongo the only active Volcanic Mountain in Africa. Congo is the land of steamy jungles hiding half of the world’s lowland gorillas, masses of forest elephants, and hooting, swinging troops of chimpanzees, the Congo (not to be confused with the Democratic Republic of Congo across the Congo River) is on the cusp of becoming one of the finest ecotourism destinations in Africa. Parc National Nouabalé-Ndoki and Parc National d’Odzala are two of the most pristine forest reserves on the continent and between them they are arguably the highlight of the whole of Central Africa.
Despite this impressive resume the Congo remains an unknown quantity to most outsiders and currently receives very few visitors. But for those ready to heed the call of the wild, and not afraid of adventure, the Congo awaits.
Light and easily washable clothing all year around; bathing suit, sun glasses, sweater etc.
A valid passport and a visitor ‘visa are required. Visa can be obtained from any Congo/Kinshasa Embassy, Diplomatic Mission in the Country of residence; visa can be obtained through the nearest Embassy abroad. The application should contain; family name, first name, nationality, passport number and expiration date, type of visa required (transit visa, visitor visa for one or more visits) in some place Travelers Cheques are not accepted. all payments are in cash (USD dollars preferably), and only bank notes from year 2000 and above are accepted.
It is sometimes difficult to change money while on safaris, and Bank can be slow – so best plan to change what you will need while in Northern Kivu – be sure to ask for some small denomination notes (in US Dollars only ),as change is sometimes scarce in rural areas.
Note: Whatever you do, please do not try to change money ” on the streets ” , anyone approaching you, might plan to steal your money. Kindly contact your courier for these.
In accordance with International Health Conventions, vaccinations against yellow fever and cholera are mandatory. There are normally no mosquitoes but general malaria precautions for West Central Africa should be observed.
Do not take photographs of Government buildings or at Goma International Airport. Among these things forbidden by law to photograph are: the President, the Congolese flag, Police, Military or Prison personal, some Government buildings and Military installations.
Most people do not like to be photographed; they feel it is an invasion of their privacy. Before taking a photograph, please make sure that you are not offending anyone or ask your courier.
Some people are often willing to “sell “a photograph but the price must be negotiated and be agreed in advance.
Food and Drinks
If you decide not to eat at your Hotel, and feel like venturing into the city center, there is a wide choice, kindly contact your guide for this extra service.
Negotiating Prices
As Democratic Republic of Congo had crossed a very hard time in ten years ago, hiring private cars might also be available in sometimes a negotiated price. Here I will recommend you to contact the Tours & Travel Consultant to help in the negotiation in advance.
Airport Departure Tax
This you must pay when you leave the country, It is currently 20$(USD twenty) and must be paid in foreign hard currency (in CASH $ US DOLLARS ONLY) not Congolese Franc).
As , road leading to the Gorillas and park tracks are not tarmac, 4 wheel drive (Land Cruiser, Cross Country cars, Land Rover ) are recommended
Important Personal Effects which you will need for your Trip:
1 Pair of gloves
1 Scarf or bandana
1hat (with Brim)
1 Heavy boot (above the ankles)
1 casual shoe
2 casual socks
1 lightweight rain jacket
1 Heavy-duty cotton long pants
2 long sleeve cotton shirts
1 pullover
1 Pajama or robe
1 Toothbrush and toothpaste
1 comber hairbrush
1 Hair ties or bands
1 canteen
1 Flashlight
1 Insect repellant
1 Eye glass straps to secure to head
ASA 200 or 400 film or faster
Camera flash

We work with the Uganda Wildlife Authorities & Friend a Gorilla