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The Tourism industry in Africa is growing so fast, this has given tourist a number of options when it comes to accommodations. But the naming vary from region to region. Here, we try to explain the difference between different types of accommodation or lodgings.
Upmarket/High-end Hotels
These are 4-5 star hotels. They have a private bathroom with hot and cold shower and a flush toilet. You have access to internet, swimming pool, sauna, steam bath, health club, massage, spar, full stoked bars and laundry services. Some of the rooms have twin beds where you can share, queen beds and singles. It all depends on your rooming and the number of people on safari. They can also make a triple room under special request. This costs slightly more. The beds are comfortable and clean.
Safari Lodges
The Safari Lodges in Africa vary dramatically in size and style from one country to another. Some lodges can accommodate large numbers of people with some properties having 10 -15 cottages. These lodges usually have complete facilities such as spar, sauna, laundry services, conference rooms, business center and swimming pools. Most of these lodges are located in or outside national parks and reserves. Safari lodges are fully permanent accommodation built out of stone, wood, thatch, bricks, mortar or a combination of all.
Tented Camps
The tented camps have facilities like bathrooms and toilet inside your spacious tent, modern camp equipment, lighting, refrigeration which will give you quality lifestyle in the wilderness of Africa. You can sit back, relax at your tents and enjoy the scenery. The staff at the camp will do all the cores like preparing your meals, secure your tent, prepare you showers etc.
Luxury Tents
The safari luxury tents are generally considered to give the best safari experience. Some luxury tented camps have between 6 – 10 tents. Most luxury tented safari camps have spacious canvas rooms with comfortable beds and private, en-suite bathroom facilities. They always have waiter service and dining is comparable with fine restaurants, with a 4 course meals. Luxury tented camps offer breathtaking vistas of the surroundings in a tranquil and serene environment. They generally offer private decks overlooking the bush, large sleeping areas, separate bathroom and showers with hot and cold running water and electricity.
Guest Houses
These are generally basic accommodation with permanent structures near or outside national parks and reserves. Some of them have a bathroom with shower and a flush toilet, and others, such facilities are located some few meters from the room. In some guest houses, you prepare your meals while others you have a chef with waitress/waiters. Most of them are privately owned by the local people living near the national parks. Run on solar energy, so you can charge your cellphone, laptop and camera batteries.
This are kind of tents set in the wilderness in obscure parks where running water and a reliable electricity supply are not always top priority. Adventure Camping requires guests to assist with general camp cores. The guides will also provide assistance where necessary, but an essential part of this type of safari is participation – from erecting tents, loading and offloading equipment’s on trucks, and meal preparation, wash dishes on a rotation basis and any other duty which may rise. You stay at designated camping sites inside and outside of the national parks and reserves.

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