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Rules to observe

Beggars – We discourage giving out cookies, money, cloths, sweets or empty water plastic bottles to children on the road, because this promotes a bad culture of begging instead of building innovative and creative skills. If this goes on, it deteriorates the morals of our children. If you have cloths, pencils, pens, books etc you want to give out to children, talk to your guide to make arrangements where you can stop and give to the children in an orderly manna.

Littering – Please avoid littering, leave all disposable materials with your guide and support us to maintain a clean environment. This will help us protect our environment and promotes good culture among our people.

Wildlife Trade – we discourage any person who try engage in smuggling of wild animals with the intentions of selling to individuals who want to keep them as pets. Do not accept anyone who lure you into this illegal activities. Do not be part of the statistics of people jailed because of illegal trade.

Drugs – we do not welcome drugs in all our African states. As this may promote illegal activities and moral decadency.

We work with the Uganda Wildlife Authorities & Friend a Gorilla