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Safari Experience

Wildlife viewing

The Afrikan Wildlife Safaris adventures specialize in viewing wildlife, every effort is made to plan Safaris where wildlife is known to exist. However, the animals we visit live wild and free, and we cannot fully predict or control their migratory patterns. In an attempt to locate wildlife, which may have deviated from its normal pattern, for the interest of traveler expectations, we book for experiential in countries where it exists. You are escorted by the ranger to locate the big cat and other wildlife. Where the experiential don’t exist, we do normal game viewing. It is very important for our guests to have realistic expectations for their wildlife encounters on our trips, so we try to portray accurate accounts of our wildlife viewing activities in our itineraries.

Birding trips

Africa is the unmatched continent in terms of bird species, in fact, it’s a Birding Paradise. For any traveller who is enthusiastic about birds, look no further, plan your trip to Africa. I assure you, you will not be disappointed. Africa is the richest birding destination in the World. The bird habitant ranging from Forest birds, Savannah birds, water birds, birds in deserts and mountainous areas and we focus on the Albertine Rift Valley Endemics in combination with Mult-habitant birding. We organize birding trips for both the professional and amateurs throughout the entire continent. Just name the place, we will take you there.

Mountain climbing

Africa is beautiful continent with very attractive physical features like mountains, lakes, rivers and valleys. Mountains are the most outstanding physical feature and one of the major attraction for tourists from other parts of the World.

At Afrikan Wildlife Safaris, we do offer the Mountain climbing adventures in some countries with the famous and highest mountains in Africa. We extend our services to Mountain Kilimanjaro (5,895m) in Tanzania, Mountain Rwenzori (5109m) in Uganda, Mountain Elgon (4321m with largest intact Calderas of 40km) in Uganda and Kenya, Mountain Kenya (5,199m) in Kenya, Mountain Stanley (5109m) in DRC, Simien Mountain (4533m) in Ethiopia,, Atlas Mountains (4165m) in Morocco, The Drakensberg (3475m), Jabel Marra (3017m) in Sudan, Mountain Meru (3017m) in Tanzania, Mountain Oku (3011m) in Cameroun etc.

Cultural experience

Africa has the richest and unspoilt culture in the whole World. With great Kingdoms in Africa like Buganda Kingdom, Zulu Kingdom, Ashanti Kingdom and many others, you will experience the diverse and rich culture of Africans. Taste the local food, participate in the day today daily activities, home stay, traditional dances, traditional customs and ceremonies and any other core which may be assigned during the course of the day.

Primate tracking

Gorilla Tracking

Perhaps one of the most exciting wildlife experiences on this Planet. Gorilla tracking, you wake up early, get breakfast and get ready for Gorilla tracking. Then go to the briefing point before you set off in the interior of the forest. Do not forget to take your lunch boxes and all the necessary gear to track the rare Mountain Gorilla. There are now only 800 left in the world. The tracking may take between 3 and 6 hours but its well worth the effort. There are always park guides with you who interpret the flora and fauna and the lifestyle of the Gorillas. The rainforest is spectacular as it offers a dramatic, heavily forested and dense landscape crisscrossed by numerous animal trails, allowing access for tourists.

Chimpanzee tracking

In the morning you after your breakfast, you will go to the briefing point before you set off in the forest to track Chimpanzees. When tracking chimpanzees, you may come across other primates including phoestes, Red-Colobuses, Blues, Red-tailed and grey cheeked Mangabeys in the canopies of the dense forest and birds, butterflies and many small insects. The guides provide explanations about primates and other forest’s fauna and flora, ensuring that your walk is both informative and enjoyable. You can also come across other primates like different monkey species.


You can decide to go for chimp habituation and be part of the habituation team that goes to study the behavior of the Chimps in order to make them get used to human beings. Being part of the team that observe the way Chimps nest, feed, climb trees, react to human presence, caring for the young ones is unforgettable experience. This activity starts very early at 6:00am to 6:00pm. You spend the whole day in the forest observing Chimps.

Walking safaris and Zip lining

You get the chance of encountering African wildlife on foot escorted by the rangers of the park who will help explain for you the details of the flora and fauns. We do the zip lining in Mabira forest which has tall trees in Uganda. It’s a new activity which has just been introduced for the last two years.

Boat cruises

You take a small boat on lakes, rivers and channels where you get close to crocodiles, hippos, elephants, buffalos and other wildlife which come on the shore to take water. The banks of these water bodies are home to many animal species and birds which come down to drink from these water bodies.

Diving experience

Diving is one of the exciting experience. We organize diving trips in Mozambique and South Africa for both the experienced divers and the learners. Our experts in diving will be giving you the diving instructions. You will leave as experienced diver. Trust me, they are good. The diving in these countries is world-renowned. The dives conducted at Sodwana Bay are drift dives and the dive experts will choose the best dive site depending on the weather conditions to ensure comfortable dive


White water Rafting

Take a ride on the wild side, this is fun in the wild waters of the River Nile in Uganda and Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe/Zambia. There is a large variety and selection of trips suitable for almost all ages. In all the areas of rafting, there is an outstanding worldwide reputation for safety and excellence. For the last 30 years and a unique culture, these areas have produced some of the world’s finest whitewater guides. You can explore your imagination on Victoria Falls and River Nile. When rafting, you bring T-shirt, swim suit, board shorts and water proof sunscreen for wear when rafting. For the end of the day, pack a towel, change of clothes and warm top.

Sport fishing

We will provide with you the experienced fishing guide to only area authorized for the sport fishing in your country of destination. The guide, from experience will determine the starting point depending on the weather. When you are successful, you quickly take the pictures and through the fish back in water, where it is accepted to eat it, make it part of your dinner.


This is where a group goes out on safari cycling in the chosen areas of interest depending on the terrain. You will have the medical team, mechanics, spare parts and all the necessary equipment for the ride. The leader will determine the point of rest and refreshments depending on the health and fitness of the riders. This requires people who are physical fit and in good health conditions.

Desert experience

Just imagine life in the desert, get the feel of the desert wildlife, and ride on the sand dunes, climbing the big sand dunes, ride camels. Experience the desert life in Namibia in Namib and Kalahari deserts.

We work with the Uganda Wildlife Authorities & Friend a Gorilla